Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KILLZONE 3 - PS3 - Mediafire


Publisher: SCEE
Developer: Guerrilla
Genre: Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter
Release Date: Feb 22, 2011
ESRB Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language
Hoster: Mediafire
pass : eagamesworld.blogspot.com

Guerrilla Games isn't pulling any punches. The Killzone developer showed off an extremely impressive bit of gameplay at Sony's E3 2010 press conference, proclaiming from the start that Killzone 3 is being developed from the ground up with 3D technology in mind. According to Guerrilla's Herman Hulst, the upcoming shooter sequel will feature tougher, scarier enemies and will be the most realistic representation yet of a science-fiction war. And with that, Hulst asked the in-house audience to don their 3D glasses and invited his colleague Steven Ter Heide to begin the gameplay demonstration.

The first sight we see is an industrial complex being blanketed in snow as it wafts from above. The snow is a lovely sight, contrasting nicely with the gritty, derelict edifice it covers, but it isn't long before the peace is broken by a Helghan dropship. The enemy is bringing the fight to you, but these aren't the usual Helghast you're used to fighting. They have the telltale glowing red eyes, of course, but they look even more demonic than usual. This because many of your creepy foes will now be wearing jumpacks, though these aren't jetpacks as you usually think of them. Instead, these packs feature wings that fan behind, making your enemies look like creatures from some sort of ghastly sci-fi hell. Armed with an M82, the excellent default weapon from Killzone 2, the player takes aim at the soaring Helghast and loads him with lead. That one dispatched, the player punctures another's jumpack and sends him zooming into the air, only to explode a few moments later.

Clearly, Killzone 3 is every bit the looker Killzone 2 was. Even though the build we watched was labeled as pre-alpha, it looked stunning. The lighting was top-notch, and the art design was consistent with what we've already seen from the series. The next scene showed off these good looks to great effect. Now clad in his own jumpack, the player leapt and flew above a sea dotted with icy islands while approaching a looming fortress. As the waves undulated beneath, the player landed on the structure and fought his way inside, shooting down doors and attacking Helghast along the way. We noticed a few things during this portion of the demo. Firstly, the enemy AI looks as good as we saw in Killzone 2. Foes put up a fight and used cover to their advantage whenever possible. Additionally, there were lots of great visual touches, such as realistic cloth physics that reacted authentically to the wind as it gusted through the fortress.

The action continued as the player was pummeled with rockets and then took to the air so he could drop through a skylight and shoot up the enemies within. After this sequence, we then moved to the final portion of the demo. This sequence involved shooting a turret from a mobile airborne vehicle, shooting down not just enemies but entire towers, which exploded and fell to the ground with palpable force and drama. The player also brought down similar ships that besieged his own floating platform. The entire sequence looked gorgeous and exciting, filled with all the battlefield chaos you remember from Killzone 2.



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