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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening - PS2 - Mediafire

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure
Release Date: Mar 01, 2005 (US)
ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Suggestive Themes, Violence, Realistic Violence
Hoster: Mediafire
pass: eagamesworld.blogspot.com

Devil May Cry 3 (DMC3) has appeared in Vietnam but has not received deserved because the game is difficult enough to make anyone frustrated after successive failures after only a few screen plays.
However, with the players to know the patient will know that this is a game player action adventure best ever on the PS2.
First, the game has no difficulty settings to choose from at the start. And in fact, the difficulty of DMC3 default is "hard" (difficult). This is in contrast to feature other games, usually only accessible after a hard set "water" in normal mode. This major reversal almost ruined the whole version of DMC3. But fortunately, after the main character Dante was killed a few times, set low difficulty "easy" to appear. Make up your pride away and start from scratch with this mode and you'll see how it is not easier than the default difficulty. Anyway, you can also feel conquer the challenge if there had been "on the" excellence of the game was hard-as-a-like Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater.

Initially, it seems impossible to avoid being "stuck" blow in DMC3. Your character can not take too drips and other techniques other games, the game does not have inalienable period after being shuttered. So, if 5 enemies at the same time attack, Dante will hit the 5 and will surely die. Your character will often die, whether you like it or not. And third-person perspective control "contributed" more difficult part for this.
You can control Dante automatically attack nearby enemies, or sink can hold R1 to lock down a single opponent. And when you've faced him, you can roll to the side to avoid the blow ... but you have to do it by pushing the analog stick on the left or right of Dante's not you. If you have never played the game with similar controls, such as Resident Evil, you will lose many hours can become familiar with this system. If you do not perform this operation correctly, Dante will make you jump up instead of rolling to the side, and most likely will be shuttered. Dante has no controls for defense, should you wish to support jumping to avoid a blow or virtually impossible.
You may ask, what then DMC3 is attractive? The answer is: "A lot! If your patience. " Will come a time, things go smoothly. Suddenly, you catch the problem. You return to "entering" the door first, even with the higher difficulty settings and was surprised because before it causes too much for you to try. If so, you'll notice that all guys all enemies, whether big or strong to start, and never attack without prior warning. Moment to attack you out of his reach or beat the previous government. You'll also be able to grasp the damage when a powerful combination of long-range weapons and melee weapons. Use the lightning sword and infinite ammunition, Dante will pave the way through layers of blood enemy quickly and easily like a red hot nails through butter Department.
One of the unique features of the game as Dante can switch instantly between two long-range weapons and 2 melee weapons with different moves just a click (L2 and R2). Initially, this did not seem significant, but soon you will learn how to keep changing weapons when fighting, creating endless blow uninterrupted. The battle system is extremely perfect, smooth, sensitive and accurate, helping you entertain a creative way by letting your imagination fly all sizes. A sword or a shot of you will make enemies sum down. But do not wait for him standing up and stand up, be developed to implement all the cool way you like, or even more cool when he jumped onto his back and slipped away like a roller-blades, pouring bullets into the two parties on way before labor "coach" your temporary wall. The other type of fighting air, not ground, surface to air are also interesting options. You can rival flew into the air and then pinned him to the ceiling with a colon to jump onto the bar or under way in mid air and then export from that far back to slow down.

Many other games let you do a lot of tactics and techniques to complete but eventually you just rely on a few hit the main, the most effective. However, in DMC3, you need to apply various tactics and strategies against different opponents in different situations, and, most weapons have interests different tactics. Thus, although the action seems to duplicate much, they do not cause bored.
Between the action, you get a chance to relax a little problem with the logic. All are not too difficult and only very little time, even less than the screen boss fight. DMC3 is the boss man of the world's worst game. Not too big, but they are very scary and difficult judgments. You will have to exploit the weaknesses are few of them during the strenuous avoidance of all violent attacks and causing huge damage.



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